Movement Therapy

What is movement therapy?

Move Beyond is a business that specialises in helping you move and feel better by eliminating pain and discomfort and increasing functional strength and mobility. Using an array of techniques such as Self Myofascial Release, Fascial Freeing, Fascial Mobilisers and Movement Conditioning Training


  • Self Myofascial Release- is targeted self massage, using tools like balls and rollers, to apply downward pressure on muscle or fascial tissue to break up adhesions and knots preventing the muscle and tissue from sliding and gliding like it should during movement.


  • Fascial Freeing- Similar in nature to Myofascial release but the pressure is applied closer to where the tissue attaches to the bone, we gently pin the tissue down by applying downward pressure and then use a small amount of movement to help free the fascia from the bone and hydrating the tissue again, as stuck restricted tissue is generally dehydrated tissue and that will impede movement.


  • Fascial Mobilisers- These are movements performed in a slow, regressed, rhythmic way. They are small movements performed in a controlled fashion to open up certain restricted areas of the body. By performing movement in this fashion we are able to get the connective tissue (fascia) hydrated again, making the structure full and supported, allowing it to move like it should. Dehydrated tissue is stuck tissue and unable to move, causing pain, compensations, adhesions and restrictions.


  • Movement Conditioning Training- The body is one integrated system, so why don’t we move it like one? Isolating specific muscles and continuously moving in one plane of motion causes the body to break down over time. Movement Conditioning training utilises the whole body in respect to the Anatomy Trains principles (see for more details), strengthening all “trains” of tissue at once. We will show you how to move your body in all different directions and how load those movements up, to create global strength in your myofasical system, giving you a challenging, yet fun and interesting workout. Whether it be for the sport you play, chasing the kids across the road or just day to day living and aging, Movement Conditioning Training can improve your life.


  • Games and Play- A big part of what causes pain, fatigue and increases aging is STRESS! As adults, a lot of us have forgotten how to have fun. A big part of what we do a Move Beyond is helping you to remember how great it is to play games and have fun, sometimes all you need is the space and the time to do it!

Functional Anatomy

Anatomy Trains is a book and an education system developed by a man called Thomas W. Meyers.

Through fascial dissections of cadavers, Thomas Meyers discovered that the body is connected through a series of “Anatomy Trains”, integrated structures that are held together by connective tissue.  This connective tissue is the most commonly found and widespread substance in the body, it joins our toes to our nose and weaves and winds through our bodies. This tissue is foundation of our structure.

An Anatomy train is a term for a Myo-fascial Meridian, (Myo=muscle, Fasical=fasica or connective tissue and Meridian= a set of pathways in the body which can be mapped out), thus meaning an Anatomy train is a continuous band of muscle and connective tissue that tracks through our bodies in one continuous direction. Thomas Meyers mapped out 16 of these Myofascial Meridians and has detailed his findings in the book Anatomy Trains.

This information was a turning point for many people in health industry,  I took us from looking at the body from an isolated view of separate muscles, and ligaments, to seeing the body as an intergated structure. This different perspective inspired many of the greats in the movement industry, such as, Ian O’Dwyer, a Movement Conditioning Coach in Noosa who developed a set of techniques, principles and movements designed to educate and empower people so they may live strong, happy and healthy lives. He continues to educate trainers and coaches all around the world.


Also Naudi Aguilar from Functional Patterns in Seattle, he has opened centres all around the world where he is constantly educating people, helping them over come pain and fix their postural dysfunctions. He is the most progressive leader in Human Biomechanics today.

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Movement Therapy

  • Theraputic sessions to decrease pain & discomfort
  • Conditioning sessions to increase strength & mobility
  • Group Movement Conditioning Classes
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  • Movement Conditioning & Therapy
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